A Room with a View: A Book Review

Admittedly, I haven’t posted much recently. Chalk that up to a wonderful vacation and my sudden urge to read. I read the book below in less that 48 hours, which is pretty good for working full-time and a mom. (Please don’t ask to see my clean laundry or house; they doesn’t exist.)

A Room With A ViewA Room With A View by E.M. Forster

My rating: 4 of 5 stars

I enjoyed it and was pleased with the conclusion. I found Forester’s characters intriguing, but quite simple. Lucy, George, and Cecil began in a single frame of mind, had an altering experience, and ended for the better. Oh, that life were that simple! However within the period, it is easy to see how what I view as simple would be highly suspect and inappropriate. In that, I was entranced by George. He is very much a modern man of today incarnate in a time to soon. Overall, a great read, though I found the Italian a bit taxing as I know none, I would recommend it, and perhaps read again.

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Now what to do next…

1. Pick up another book at the library today and dive in.

2. Pick up my house and do the aforementioned laundry.

3. Pick up with my own novel and write a little more.

I welcome your suggestions!


5 thoughts on “A Room with a View: A Book Review

    • Holly, that is likely what will happen! lol I already returned my book to the library and didn’t get a new one. My husband is cleaning and doing laundry today. (He’s a teacher, so he runs Daddy Day Care in the summer and does a lot of the chores, while I work on 12 mos out of the year.) And I have several turns of phrase dancing in my head for my civil war era novel.

    • Yes, I certainly need to get back to it. I didn’t consider the implications of naming my blog for scripture with the word “daily” in it. I have some good ideas, but always seem short on time. And I’ll take a look at the short story. And decide it I’m ready to share…no promises. I think it will eventually be part of a larger work, but I really like it. Hope you have a great weekend. ~W

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