The Love of Friends

In the course of three days, our family has gone from two healthy happy little monkeys to one little monkey who is facing surgery. To say that it is taking a while to adjust would be an understatement. I still haven’t adjusted. There are still so many questions about what will happen, when, and not to mention how much it will cost or how we will pay for it. It is all very daunting, terrifying, and downright scary!

But my family and I have been surrounded by support, from the warm and prayerful comments on FB to the lovely and supportive comments from my BBF (best blogging friends, I acquired that from a post I read recently). I was especially touched by SR’s story of her own precious daughter’s surgery. (SR has a great blog. Check it out!)  Through all of this, I have felt love and support from all over the world. I feel the prayers that are being said giving me strength and peace.

I have also had great support from my coworkers. It is the end of the fiscal year for us and others are stepping up so that I can be where I need to be. The HR director has been fabulous walking me through all the insurance and claim forms. Such a Godsend!

My family, friends, and church family have called me on the phone, come to see us and chat, prayed with us, and volunteered to help with our 4 year-old when the time comes. The best gift of all came today, when a friend offered to go with me to the appointment with the surgeon. (My husband has to be at a conference.) I really didn’t want to do that alone and because of a friend, I don’t have to. Praises!

For all of this, wherever you fall, thank you! I am grateful that my family is loved and prayed for by so many. Please keep praying…it gives us strength!

With a very grateful and humbled heart that God is taking care of us through the love of friends, ~w


2 thoughts on “The Love of Friends

  1. Still praying for you and I am glad my story helped you. There is so much more to it, but will post it after your little one is home:>) God is sending you the Angels you need in “Your own Agony in the Garden.” God Bless, SR

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