Cherish Every Moment, Part II

In my last post, Cherish Every Moment, I shared my youngest son’s medical condition and my fears concerning his treatment. Here’s the update:

My husband and I took Little Brother to the doctor today and I had my fears confirmed.  The doctor told us he has a brachial cleft sinus and will indeed need surgery to correct it.  I always hope when someone says that horrible “S” word that it can be done with endoscopes. My father had knee surgery when I was a kid and there were three little holes around his knee cap. The doctor indicated that it was “real” surgery and encouraged us to research it online. I did. This surgery will not be like my father’s. It’s not an easy procedure; the descriptions and images show a very invasive one. The good news is that the surgery is often completely successful.

After spending all day with Little Brother, I was mindful that Little Man needed some mommy time. I also knew that I needed to prepare Little Man for what is going to happen to his Little Brother and to do so in a meaningful way, so I went into his room as he was fighting the inevitable nap and we had a little conversation. I told him that the doctor was worried about Little Brother and wanted to make him better. A doctor would give Little Brother some medicine to make him fall asleep and a special doctor would get the bad part out. Little Man had lots of questions and concerns.

“Does the doctor have to go into his body?”


And then he started to cry and kick his legs. “But I don’t want anybody to go into our bodies.”

“I know, Little Man. I don’t like the idea either. You know it actually makes me scared.” I told him.

“It makes me super scared.”

“Me too, but the doctors have gone to school for a very long time and are really smart. We just have to trust them to help Little Brother. I’m not a doctor. Are you a doctor?”

“No, I’m going to be a paleontologist, not a doctor. Mom, what did you want to be when you were a kid and you grew up?”

“Well, first, I wanted to be an actress and then I decided that I wanted to teach about the Bible and religion.”

“Yeah, so we can’t help Little Brother.”

“Nope, we just have to let the doctors do what they do. But what we can do is ask God to help us and them and to watch over your Little Brother. Would you like to pray with me?”

“Sure. I think that’s a good idea.”

“Dear God, please help the doctors and nurses take care of Little Brother, please help us not be so scared, and please keep Little Brother safe and make him healthy. Amen.”


“See we can always tell God what scares us and ask for him to help us.”

There was a pause.

“Mom, I’m still scared.”

“Me too.”


6 thoughts on “Cherish Every Moment, Part II

  1. Will be offering all prayers said in Mass for this. I am so sorry and as a mother my heart goes out to you and your family. When they did surgery on my daughter I prayed over and over, “Lord please guide the doctors hands. Take his hands in yours and let nothing go wrong. Please Lord, You be the hands cutting my daughters face.” He did W. God truly did. I feel for all of you so much. It is hard not to be afraid, regarding the ones we love so much. God Bless, SR

    • SR, thank you for sharing your daughter’s story with me. Your prayer is so much my prayer. I thank God for putting you in my life to share this with me. It is a comfort that He knew I would need, before I knew it myself. And I thank you also for all the prayers you will say for my sweet boy and our family. I feel them giving me hope and keeping me strong for my boys. Blessings on you and your sweet daughter tonight. ~w

      • You know it is funny these were my same thoughts when I read this story. It was like we were placed in each others lives for this very moment. You should have my email in your followers. If you need to talk, email anytime. Sometimes a vent is all we have in moments like these. Trust me I will understand every single feeling you are having. God Bless, SR

  2. Just checking in with you and wondering how little one is doing? Do you know when the surgery is going to be yet? Please let me know so I can light a candle for him and your family on that day. God Bless, SR

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