God, a gift from the technology gods

So here’s the thing my friends, technology makes life easier. I’m not that old, but who would have imagined all of this? Paying bills used to take hours, involved envelopes and stamps, and handwritten ledgers and budgets. Now we can check our banking information and pay bills online. Getting to a friend’s house used to involve elaborate directions using landmarks and topographical changes. Now we can use GPS and internet maps. Making plans with two friends required a series of phone calls. Now we can conference call or video chat with multiple people all over the world. Keeping up with family and friends used to involve letters and phone calls and visits and more interestingly word of mouth. Think teenagers exaggerate; listen to a relative with a one-ups-manship mentality and then try to discern the truth. Now we can share our daily lives in words, images, and videos. Changing the TV channel used to require physical exertion (or the use of an obedient child or grandchild) and we were governed by the times a show aired. Now we need only flex a little finger to change the channel and we watch TV shows around our schedule thanks to the DVR. Ain’t all this great?!?

Now on the flip side, there are people who dislike all that technology has brought with it. Not many people mind the time-saving technology allows. The question is, “What do we do with all this saved time?” In many cases, the answer is, we enjoy more of it. Because of the DVR, we can follow many more shows than we would have before. (And let’s not mention streaming Netflix, because I am quite addicted to BBC miniseries.) Because of FB, we keep up with family and friends who in a less technological world we would be fine to hear about only now and then from that gossipy relative. Because of GPS, we wander further from our comfort zone and explore all sorts of places.

So in this quest for what to do with all this extra time, let me recommend a website/app, YouVersion. (In full disclosure, it was recommended to me last week by a dear friend. And I love it!) This is a Bible app. Here are some of the things I really love about it.

  • First and foremost, the price is great…free.
  • There are a lot of versions to choose from, so you aren’t limited to just one.  And there are footnotes for all the versions I’ve tried.
  • There are also lots of translations, so you could share your favorite verse with a non-English speaker and be assured that they get the real meaning.
  • You can add your own notes and bookmarks, share them with others, and read other’s notes.
  • And best of all, there are reading plans. There are topical, book, and canonical ones. Amazing! I just started the Bible in one year. It tells you what to read each day and there is a status bar to show how much you have accomplished.  I am already 1.6% through the Bible. 🙂

So, if you have looking for a great way to stay in the Word, check it out and join in. I’m confident you will find it as valuable as I have.

Finally, all that time gifted to you by the technology gods can allow you to spend more time with God.


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