Futbol and Christianity

I love watching futbol. I love the ebb and flow of the attack, the skill of players with a ball at their feet, the velocity of a strike on goal from outside the 18, the elegance of a precise passing game, the anticipation of a set play, the artful form of a keeper making a save, the frustration of a missed shot, and the joy of seeing the ball rock the net. It is truly ‘the beautiful game’; and I love it all! So when tournaments like the Euro, World Cup, Champions League, CONCACAF, EPL are on, our house tunes in. We love it! My husband and I cuddle up on the couch and watch until our hearts are content (or the game is so slow that it puts us to sleep or it reminds us of our 4-year-old’s team.) Little Man and Little Brother have even taken to watching with us a little. Unfortunately, soccer isn’t the dominate sport in America, so it is at times difficult to find the games we want to see (Bundesliga). The world however has seen the light and recognizes that futbol is the world’s game.

This afternoon, while listening to Ukraine vs. Sweden at at work (amazing game, or so I heard), I tried to rationalize my affection for this world sport and the amount of time I spend watching (or listening to) games. It occurred to me that Christianity like futbol is the world’s choice. And while not everyone has become a futbol fan, not everyone has accepted God’ great gift of love yet either. So I’ll just wait patiently until the world wants to join me on my couch and until they want to join me in Christian fellowship!


5 thoughts on “Futbol and Christianity

      • Denmark inparticular, I was relieved when denmark won because I’m Australian and they beat us 2-0 in a friendly not long ago. You’ve got yourself a good team this year, certainly contenders although I’m behind Russia.

      • My husband and I both have German heritage, so they are our team when the US isn’t playing (or once the US loses). We often cheer for Australia as well since we have a good friend from Tasmania. I haven’t seen Russia play yet, so I’ll let you know what I think once I do. Good luck!

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