Pick up the phone

We just got an iPhone. Happy early Father’s Day! There is certainly a learning curve. Every time we talk to another iPhone user we learn a new little trick. Over the past few days, we’re learned how truly easy it is to communicate.  I mean, think about it, there are landlines, cellphones, smart phones, internet, email, FB, IMs, text messages, skype, and the all-powerful blog. We are exposed to so much information on a daily basis; we have to sift through it all and determine what warrants our time.

Quality communication we’ve learned is the key to any relationship. It enables a teacher and student to share information.  It allows a parent and child to grow together. It allows two strangers to become friends. It enables love to stay alive in marriages that last well over 50 or 60 years. When it’s not there, it is apparent. Teachers feel ineffective; students fail. Parents struggle for control; children seek attention where they can find it. People become stagnant in relationships. Marriages fall apart.

So what can we do to communicate better in our relationships? I struggle with this. I like to talk, to tell my stories; goodness, I even write a blog so complete strangers can hear what I have to say.  What I have to remember is that it is a two-way street. Communication involves talking and listening. We have to learn to be still as another person shares their stories with us.  We have to learn to ask good questions and listen to the answers.

And we have to remember that same pattern of communication exists with God. We must talk and listen. We should find time to praise Him and pray to Him.  We should find time to read His word, listen to His word being proclaimed by others, and allow the Holy Spirit to  guide our thoughts and deeds.  We must find time each day to talk and listen to God.


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