I am Not Wonder Woman

I strive to be a good person and I fail.  I work hard on an assignment at work, then I find the typo after it’s gone to press.  I try to be a good mother, then I lose my temper and yell at my sensitive Little Man and he breaks down.  I try to be a good wife, then I fall asleep on the coach or keep working until I’m ready to collapse and don’t spend quality time with my husband.  I would say I try to be good house-keeper for my family, but that would just be a lie; I have clearly chosen to let that task go in favor of other more important ones, like my husband and children.  I try to serve at my church, then I get pulled in so many directions I don’t get one task completed before I move to another.  This is my reality.  I have come to terms with the lack of perfection in my life, my job, and my spiritual walk and I keep striving.

However people who are new to Christianity often feel that becoming a Christian means that there is some incredible standard that they have to live up to.  There is some mythical, super-human, vision of what a Christian is supposed to be, like Wonder Woman.  They know they can’t measure up and it scares them.  Or they feel that there is some magical protection that God will give them to make their life easy.  And they are drawn to that false hope.

Let me share this truth with you:  you cannot expect yourself to be perfect or your life to be easy just because you are a Christian.   Being a Christian is not a destination, but a journey.  You will stumble and fall; and you will rise and triumph.  And God’s love and grace and forgiveness will be there through it all.  Nor can you expect others to be perfect.  They are also on the journey.  It is a Christian’s task to love and support one other in that journey.

Stumble and fall, but look up and seek a loving hand.

Rise and triumph, but reach down and offer a loving hand.


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