The Table of Fellowship

Hibachi Shrimp

My husband has an advisory group that he meets with weekly.  The boys and I make them snacks and visit them from time to time.   We know them and they know us.  They stop by to chat in the dining hall and the boys get excited when they do.  And once a semester, the school funds off-campus dinners for each group.

Tonight was our last advisory dinner with two of them.  They will graduate in a few short weeks, so we went to local Japanese restaurant to celebrate.  (Well, we call it Japanese.  We took a Japanese student there once and her comment was, “Oh, they have rice.”)  Everyone had a great time!  The students laughed and talked about the past year.  They reminisced about how they have changed and grown up since the advisory group began three years ago.  Little Man played video games on a boy’s phone, while Little Brother laughed and giggled and tried to free himself from the high chair to play with another boy.  Two girls shared their carrots with Little Brother.  I sat at the head of the table and felt such love for my big family.  What a great night!

When my boys looked around our table of fellowship tonight, they saw friendship, generosity, patience, humor, tenderness, acceptance, and love.  This advisory of ours represents the best the school has to offer, and the best mankind has to offer as well.  And that’s what my boys see.  Praise God!

What they don’t see is African American, Caucasian American, Bahamian, Korean, or Taiwanese; they don’t see financial stability or struggle; they don’t see Christian, Buddhist, atheist, or agnostic.  They were there too, but that’s not what my boys see and that’s not what I see either!  May I always see God’s beautiful creation as my boys do!


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