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A few weeks ago, I began my little “Encourage One Another Daily” campaign.  This blog was one of the manifestations.  The first, however, was the act of anonymous encouragement giving.  I wanted those around me to know they were valued, appreciated, and loved, by giving something more than a Thank You, but less than a huge overture, and not making it about me, the giver, but about God’s love.  After some thought, I created the insert card show on the right.  (Feel free to download and copy or adapt it to make it your own.)  It is pretty self-explanatory.

Where did this idea come from?  I was influenced by the concept of prayer candles.  I was exposed to prayer candles in college through a Religion in America course.  We visited the Catholic church and the priest explained that as people pray they light a candle.  Others who enter to pray are secure in the knowledge that they are not alone in their prayers and can pray for the needs that the burning candles represent.  It’s beautiful, a way to feel connected even when you are alone!  That’s what I hope this anonymous encouragement giving will be, a way for people to feel supported in the chaos of their day.

So far, I have given two such gifts, one of words and one of words and candy.  I haven’t heard anything about it and don’t feel the need to.  I found joy in sharing with these people my heartfelt thoughts; that is enough.  If you have someone in your life who needs or deserves some special kindness, consider an anonymous encouragement gift.  And perhaps you will find the same joy I did!  And possibly they will share your thoughtfulness with another!


7 thoughts on “Share the Love…

  1. Excellent Wendy. It’s the old random acts of kindness idea with a Christian twist! Love it! Keep up the good work. Charlie

  2. This is really great!! What a neat idea. I also pray with candles. During Advent we have a wreath with candles on it and we light a candle and say the Advent Prayer, daily. Each candle is a different color until we get to the week of Christmas and that one is white, representing that the Light of the World, Jesus is going to be/was born.
    It is a great reflection tool and to me a beautiful way to remember what God did for us in giving us His Son. Great post here and enjoyed reading. God Bless, SR

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