Homework Help

Recently my small group leader gave our class an assignment:  Devise a plan on how you would disciple a new Christian for one year. What basics do they need to know?  What things do they need to do? How would you nurture their Commitment to Christ and their new confession of faith.   The following structure was offered:

  • 3-5 things a new believer should know.
  • 3-5 tasks a new believer should do
  • 3-5  ways a new believer can conform that confession and deepen their commitment
I have attached a rough, rough draft and am interested in your thoughts.  I’m not really sure I have interpreted the directions correctly, so your thoughts are quite welcome.  Please, please comment!



2 thoughts on “Homework Help

  1. I thought I would stop by and visit your corner of the internet. Enjoyed our conversations about Roman Catholicism: Faith Alone, on the blog: Adopting James.

  2. Thanks for stopping by! I hope you like what you read. I have a small group tonight but hope to write a piece about acceptance and love as apposed to judgment and division. You can get what inspired that! 🙂

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