Undiagnosed Re-occurring Spring Condition

I don’t know what to call it, but I get it every spring.  It comes between the annoying spring allergies and the summer sunburn.  I feel it coming on slowly and it’s a full-blown condition before I know it.  Some of the symptoms are drowsiness, RBS (Restless Body Syndrome), change in appetite, fatigue, and most prominently lack of focus.  It is often associated with the ending of yet another school year.  If you think therefore it might be Senioritus, I thank you kindly for suggesting that I might be young enough to experience those effects, but as I was born in the 70s, I fear not…

Other symptoms include the uncontrollable desire to work in my garden, spend time with my children, play tennis, watch British miniseries, read and study, sing, play the piano, be with my church family, and, dare I say it, run even though no one is chasing me.  I also develop a slight aversion to working inside; some days are worse than others.  I find myself hallucinating about a world that lacks project due dates, but is full of WiFi, so I work wherever I want, on whatever I want.  It really is unbearable at times.  I hope others don’t suffer from this same debilitating condition.

Fortunately if tradition holds, this too shall pass.  I pray for the strength to make it through!


One thought on “Undiagnosed Re-occurring Spring Condition

  1. I too have suffered from this since roughly high school about 25 years ago. And, it does pass each season, but will be returning again next year. I find that a cold Corona or margarita helps ease the symptoms, but like any drug, it soon becomes ineffective.

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