Helping Others is a Click Away

Online game to end hunger

I’d like to draw your attention to the link of the left of my blog, Free Rice.  I stumbled upon this website years ago while teaching English.  It became the standard classroom activity when a student finished his or her assignment early; and they loved it.  It quickly evolved into a competition among classmates to see who could amass the most rice!

Here’s snapshot of how it works:  Select one of eighteen categories.  (I had my students stay on vocabulary and grammar, because that was my subject, but there are lots of other categories.)   Questions appear on the screen.  For each one you get right, 10 grains of rice is donated to fight hunger around the world.  The questions get harder as you answer correctly.  Switch subjects anytime you want.  And the rice just keeps piling up!

This is a great site for students to review their skills and broader their knowledge.  And it teaches the power of many.  Share it with your children and family members, your church youth group, and whoever wants to “Rice Up Against Hunger.”  Or play it yourself.  Just a fair warning, it’s quite addictive.  (I find myself making deals like, “I’ll stop at 500 grains,” or, “After I break level 50 on vocabulary.”)

I invite you to join my team, “Encourage One Another Daily,” and help me encourage others around the world with the gift of food!


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