Seasons of Change

To everything there is a season…

I love all four seasons.  I love them when the come; I love them when they are here; and, I love them when they leave.  There is a balance to the world due to the constant and consistent change.  It is the law of nature…change.  In my garden, the first thing to emerge this spring were the jonquils followed by the grape hyacinths.  Shortly after my creeping vinca and phlox, columbine, and lily of the valley emerged.  Now my snapdragons, mixed dutch irises, coral bells, and cone flowers are almost in their prime.  Others are growing and waiting for their time to shine.

With our children, we notice changes everyday.  From rolling to crawling to standing.   Awkward walking evolves into running.  Teeth are cut.  Babbling turns into discernible words.  Diapers thankfully don’t need to be purchased anymore.  Personalities emerge.  Socials norms are learned (at least we try to teach them).

In our family, the school year and sports seasons seem to dictate large portions of our lives.  Summer is free and easy with Daddy pulling childcare duty, vacations, and fun.  Fall is the excitement of new students and a new year.  It also means JV boys soccer and my oldest son’s soccer.  Winter is a bit of a reprieve from the sports schedule and a shift toward the holidays and academics.  Spring is utter chaos with Varsity girls soccer and AP test preparation.  And now that the season and APs are over, there’s peace to finish the year and celebrate the accomplishments of our seniors.

Everything we do involves change.  However, it seems when certain things change there is resistance.  Think of losing a job and finding a new one, new organizational structures and leadership changes, the addition of a new sibling to the family, leaving one locale and relocating, the death of a loved one, and more…

Change is nature’s plan.  Embrace it; find comfort in it; enjoy it.  Change is God’s plan.


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