Denver and The Doolittle Raid: A Book Review

Denver and The Doolittle RaidDenver and The Doolittle Raid by Bowen D. Burnette

My rating: 3 of 5 stars

It was great little book about Denver V. Truelove. A colleague loaned it to me, since I enjoy WWII histories. Denver and his sister Blanche are graduates of our school. She sent a copy to the school for our Archives. It was a quick, easy read. It would be a great book for middle schoolers.

On a reflective note, I am always in awe when I read stories of the ordinary men who did extraordinary things during WWII. In addition to Denver’s story, I was stuck by this sentence about the bombardier from Crew #16 of the Raid: “One of these men, Jacob DeShazer, returned as a missionary to the country where, only a few years before, he had been held captive for forty months.” What faith must that step have taken? Again, I am in awe.

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