I admit it–I am not a patient person.

I don’t deal well with people who take too long to get back to me.  I hate being put on hold by customer service, ’cause that’s not service.  I get frustrated when it takes my son too long to do something simple like get his socks, so we can put his shoes on and leave.  If you think that in the time it takes me to change a diaper and put shoes on a 20-month old a four-and-a-half year old could get two little socks out of a drawer, then you haven’t met my son.  And please don’t try to make him clean anything up, because the toy-of-the-day must help.  It is extremely painful to watch a dinosaur struggle for 30 seconds trying to pick up a block that clearly won’t fit in his mouth.  And rather than simply using his hands, little man will defer the task to a larger dinosaur from the collection, while the blocks still sit there…

Now on the flip side, if I am being completely honest, I am often the one who makes people late.  In graduate school, I operated on “Harvard time”.  If class said it started at 9, it really meant 9:10.  And I got used to that!  My parents and my husband even resorted to telling me an earlier time than was actually necessary to help me with this little problem.  And when our boys entered the picture, forget it.  The prep time to leave the house, well, it felt like it quadrupled.  (I’m slowly getting better as the boys can help more.)  I do things in my own time, on my own schedule, but I always get it done.  And I’m generally in a great mood through it all!

Regardless of who is doing the waiting, it seems we have to live by a calendar to keep our family in sync.  Who gets to do what when depends on who else is where.  It’s very time consuming and stressful; and it all just makes me tired.  I think that’s the main reason I don’t like waiting, it wastes time and makes me tired.  Fortunately, we are promised that those who wait upon the Lord will renew their strength.  *sigh of relief*

Did I mention I don’t like waiting?


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