Be Great!

Success in life is good!  It signifies hard work and achievement.  It reminds you of your value and worth.

Tonight my husband’s soccer team swept the conference.  It’s the first time our school’s ever won a conference championship in girls’ soccer and we think it might be the first time any team has swept this conference, 8-0.  They will also advance to the NC state playoffs this weekend, another first in the team’s history.  It was a great day for this amazing group of girls and their two dedicated coaches and me (the unofficial-official team mom , who provides countless yummies for encouragement and celebration and attends every game she can with two boys in tow, though she seldom watches much of it because she’s chasing the aforementioned boys).

We should all seek success in life, not necessarily the trophy-kind (although that is awesome, just ask any one of those girls), but the I-was-part-of-something- greater-than-myself-kind.  May we all find that, whether it be in our job, our volunteer work, our church, or our families.  And better yet, may we find it in all those places!


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