My Flowers

I inspired myself to do a little work in my flower gardens today.  Living on a cattle farm, occasionally the cattle get out and like to rearrange my stone walls and mulch.  I took the time to fix what they destroyed the other day, planted three new carnations, and killed some weeds.  Then I photographed some of my blooms to share.  Enjoy!

Star-spangled Dianthysus

I’ve been very pleased with these.  They have filled out nicely and are full of buds.  It will be truly spectacular in a few days!


My son and I grew them from seeds last year.  The mild winter left them and here they are again.  He likes to snap them when he’s on the patio playing.

Mixed Dutch Iris

It’s the first to bloom.  She opened up today.  I’m looking forward to seeing the mix in bloom together.


I got two of these from a friend who shares my passion for flowers.  I liked them so much, I’ve planted more.   This bloom will likely be the last of the year on these plants.  I’m still waiting to see how the new ones do.

Violas (Johnny Jump Ups)

These simple little ladies are probably my favorite, because of their history.  They come from my mother’s mother, who got them from my father’s mother, who got them from her mother, who got them from her mother.  I’m proud to have them at the entry to our patio and have given them a lovely little bed to fill all by themselves!

Plants or people.  

Keep the ones that make you happy.  

Weed out the ones that don’t.


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