A Job Well Done!

I love making plans:  thinking about needs, crafting an idea that might solve them, gathering the resources, completing the task, and then looking back to see what I’ve accomplished.  There is something quite fulfilling about it!

It could be designing a flower garden in a difficult area to mow, selecting the right flowers for the light, soil, and my taste, and watching them bloom the next year with very little effort on my part.  It could be developing a new strategy at work, putting it in action, and consulting with another company on how I did it.  It could be as simple as making dinner (though a defer that to the talented folks in the dining hall when I can) and having my boys say thank you.  It could be as challenging as teaching my son to pray and smiling with delight when he refuses to go to sleep unless we pray.  It could be designing needlepoint for a baby’s blanket to give to a pregnant friend and watching with pride when the little one uses it.  It could be finally getting away for a much-needed weekend alone with my husband and returning home refreshed.

But there are also times I don’t follow through.  I have pillows designed for my boys that haven’t made it off the paper.  I have stacks of papers in my office to sort and enter into the database.  I have even more stacks of papers and photos at home to scrapbook.   I have half-mulched flower beds, an empty raised garden bed, and more.

So here’s to all the projects we finish, large and small!  And here’s hoping that the ones we have finished far out weight the ones we didn’t!  And here’s to hoping we know which ones should be which!

…And let’s not mention cleaning or laundry, because they never end.


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