A Simple Prayer

Have you ever heard a sports team pray for God to help them win a game?  I have.  And here’s the image in my mind:  God is listening, because He always listens.  But once He hears that part of the prayer, He begins to shake His head like a disapproving parent and purses His lips just so, because it is evident to Him that they have missed the entire point of His message.

Tonight, I heard a sports prayer done right, by a high school student.  It went something like this:  Dear God, We thank you for this team.  We thank you for keeping us safe.  We ask that you help us keep you in the center of our lives.  We thank you for all the blessings you pour out on each of us.  And ask that they continue.  We thank you God.  We thank you so much.  In Jesus’ name.  Amen.

And to that I say, Amen!


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