Down, But Not Defeated

Imagine: Three thousand elite forces, lead by a powerful king, stalk your every move. He wants you dead. He’s tried to kill you before. So you run. You run fast and you run far. A close group of supporters travel with you, believing that you have been wronged, that you should be king.

This is the reality of the future King David in 1 Samuel 24. I’ve been teaching this scripture to third and fourth graders this week. They are learning that God doesn’t want us to seek revenge.

Later in the chapter, David is presented with the opportunity to kill the reigning King Saul. David, sparing his life, chooses obedience to Saul and respect for God’s anointed king. By the end of the chapter, Saul has called off the hunt and David is free to go.

For me, however, the lesson was missing something. There are times in life when we are, like David, at the end of a chapter, and life is looking up. But what about the time when David is hiding, struggling with what God has in store for him, trying to discern what the “right” move is? That is the time we live in most often.

We live in a place of knowing that God’s there, knowing that God has a plan, and trying like crazy to figure it out. We praise, but we struggle. So, I shared this song with the classes.

They loved it!

This is the song of David–on the run, scared, and yet full of hope and faith.

This is the song of you and me, as we follow a plan we don’t understand!

May we raise our Hallelujah, especially when it’s broken!

Prayer focus: Those struggling to praise in times of trial

Are We Listening?

Our world is in pain. Countries are at war. Innocents are helpless victims. The poor starve and die from preventable and curable diseases. There is much work to be done.

What about in our own communities? There are people at war with themselves, who feel helpless, and who are thirsty and hungry for more.

Casting Crowns’ “Does Anybody Hear Her?” captures one such struggle beautifully.

Not everyone is blessed with a happy ending of hope like this young woman. Who around you needs hope? Who can you share your faith with? Who needs the power of forgiveness and love?

Are We Listening?

Prayer Focus: Those who search and those who listen to God’s call

What’s Your Reason?

It’s Friday!

Another week is almost in the books. It’s been a good week, one of teaching and serving, one of learning and growing, one of new beginnings.

A weekend of possibilities lie ahead!

I’m going to spend time with my family and friends, take my boys to their first high school football game, worship at my church, and be grateful for the blessings in my life.

What will you do? How will you serve? What will you praise God for?

There are 10,000 reasons to worship him.

May we praise God this weekend!

Prayer focus: Those serving in a mission field.